Step Stairway-Mini

Get creative with versatile displays that suit different showcasing needs.

  • Multiple size options accommodate a wide range of display possibilities.
  • Creative display solutions with multi-position flexibility.
  • Crafted from crystal clear acrylic.
  • Ideal for showcases, shelves, and tables.
  • Elevates visibility and presentation of showcased items.

With multiple tiers of 2" and 3" deep shelves, these clear acrylic shelf displays provide ample opportunities for elegantly showcasing multiple items for maximum visibility and impact. Crystal clear acrylic highlights your displayed items professionally, and with a small footprint, it can be used in otherwise challenging locations. The open-backed design allows practical spacing on counters or within cases, making it an ideal solution for displaying a wide range of smaller products individually or in groups.

Acrylic stepped display stands are an efficient way to display your merchandise. These premium retail display stands are made from high-quality crystal clear acrylic. Elegance and durability add sophistication to any product grouping you need to showcase. You can create beautiful in-store presentations with our acrylic display stands using compact shelf stairways, available in various shelf depths to accommodate all your various-sized products being displayed.

Depending on the number of products you want to display, you can choose between other in-stock two-step, three-step, or four-step acrylic stairways.

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